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Media of Communication on Success of Toxic-Waste Cleanup Program (Essay Sample)


the assignment required the writer to illustrate one or more Media of Communication on Success of Toxic-Waste Cleanup Program


Media Types Analysis
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Medium of Communication on Success of Toxic-Waste Cleanup Program
The selection of an appropriate medium of communication is influenced by different variables. These variables include the objective of the core message, the context of the message, the target audience, and the credibility of the medium channel. As a member of the public relations unit, choosing the best alternative channel of communication for the organization strengthens the organization's public image. It fosters trust between the company and the local community. Concerning the communication brief of the case, different types of media would be appropriate in informing the local community about the success of the toxic-waste cleanup program. The media types include broadcasting channels (radio and television), digital media (social media posts and video video-on-demand content), focused group meetings, and educational seminars and exhibits.
Broadcasting Channels
Radio and Television press releases would be an excellent fit in creating awareness about the program to the target audience; the local community. Local community members ' listenership and viewership of local content create a platform for disseminating vital awareness in a short amount of time. Families listen to radio content and watch the news during dinner, thus informing and influencing public perception using traditional broadcast media appropriate for the company's public relations media strategy. Television and radio also aid in building trust as they are 

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