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Do We Need More Than Basic Commodities to Be Happy? (Essay Sample)


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Do We Need More Than Basic Commodities to Be Happy?
Do We Need More Than Basic Commodities to Be Happy?
Happiness is one element of life that everyone is striving to achieve. Every person has a unique range of commodities from which he/she draws glee. By definition, happiness involves mental and emotional state of welfare coupled with a satisfying and optimistic sensations such as, elation and serenity (Lenoir, 2015). Nevertheless, the issue of whether or not one requires more commodities than basic needs to be happier, remains a matter of discussion. Therefore, this essay argues that we actually need more commodities to be happier.
To begin with, possessing more commodities such as more money, elegant house, ambient cars and enough variety of food, will lessen worries and stress in the life of a person. Individuals who are well endowed with commodities are able to eat well, easily pay bills and treat themselves at will (Levy, 2009). This way, add-ons such as, posh cars, classy clothes and elegant houses tend to generate elation and contentment as compared to what possessing mere basic commodities would achieve in terms of creating happiness. Indeed, more commodities than basic needs form a complete recipe to make an individual happier.
Secondly, having more commodities creates more time for leisure and clemency. For instance, owning a car means that one can always carry his/her family along to...
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