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Nehemiah teachings Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


the task is about Nehemiah's teachings in the bible.


Nehemiah’s teachings
Five things Nehemiah did over several months before he engaged the king with the request.
Nehemiah was a faithful servant of God and a cupbearer to the king when he heard about how Jerusalem had been destroyed and how Israelites were suffering he sat down, grieved and cried for days. He fasted and prayed to God day and night to give him favour before the king so that he could listen and give him permission to go and rebuild his home city. Nehemiah also asked God to forgive his fellow Israelites of all the sins they had committed because he was very concerned about their wellbeing. He grew to have a burden for his people back in Jerusalem.
What he teaches us about patience, timeliness, and preparation in considering a strategy.
Nehemiah did not rush to ask for permission from the king after hearing about Jerusalem and his people’s distress. He fasted and prayed to God for days, which lasted for four months and when he was sure that God had put favour upon him, he appeared before the king looking distressed and in sorrow when he was serving him wine, and that is when the king asked what was bothering him (Anthony, 2013). He teaches us that we should not rush to do things and we should be patient and wait for the right time to implement a strategy. Throughout the four months when he was praying to God he was also planning and preparing on how he would rebuild Jerusalem wall; therefore, we should take time to plan and prepare. He also teaches us about the need for prayers whenever we want to do something important, Nehemiah knew if it were not for the prayers, God would not have softened the king's heart and he wouldn't have permitted him to go (Emerson,2011).

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