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Privatization of Government operations Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


the task is about the government operations privatization


Privatization of Government operations
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Privatization of public operations occurs when any local, federal or state government transfer some or all its functions to the private sector. Privatization has been happening for a long time since the 1980s; it happened for the first time in the United Kingdom. There has been a debate on whether it is good or not to privatize public operations.
In over 100 countries, governments have moved assets and state-owned businesses to the private sector. These include airports, airlines, energy companies, water, postal services, and other companies. By doing so, the government's finances have improved due to increased revenue collection and reduced spending, which has significantly led to these countries' economic growth. Through privatization, services offered are improved since private companies have cut costs, leading to quality products due to innovation (Evans, 2010).

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