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Nurses Face Several Ethical Issues Throughout Their Daily Routines (Essay Sample)


identify the ethical principles that would be appropriate for the nursing staff to employ in the following case:
Jody, an I-year old, has been admitted to an acute care hospital for an emergency appendectomy. Her parents have been given information about the surgery and what to expect in the immediate postoperative period. Three members of the nursing staff have also assured these anxious parents that they will be notified as soon as Jody is admitted to the post-anesthesia area or sooner if there are complications with the procedure.


Nurses Face Several Ethical Issues Throughout Their Daily Routines
Nurses face several ethical issues throughout their daily routines. These ethical dilemmas emerge since they need to make choices to support their practices. The case study reflects two ethical dilemmas among nurses. I chose the two ethics since the nurses were truthful, kind, and honest to the patient and her family. The ethical principle of veracity urges nurses and other healthcare practitioners to be honest and always exercise telling the truth. Honesty and truthfulness promote autonomy and helps in building relationships between nurses, their patients, and close family. Veracity, therefore, binds the patient and their nurse and helps in the creation of mutual goals for the treatment (Amer, 2019). A nurse must be truthful to the patient on the diagnosis, available options for treatment and the associated advantages and disadvantages for the treatment options. The patient, on the other hand, should be truthful to the nurse about their medical history, expectations, and other related issues.
Under the principle of veracity, the information provided by the healthcare providers allows the patients and the immediate family members to exercise their autonomy when deciding that they have the patient’s best interests at heart. Lying to either a patient or a nurse affects the kind of future relationships they develop with other patients and nurses. Relationships depend on trust between the parties involved, and little lies will jeopardize an individual’s trust.

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