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Profile Essay of K-Pop Music Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Write a complete rough draft(“ complete“ define ass writing in sentences and paragraphs with introduction body conclusion and a list of any sources you plan to use) of your profile essay as Attached file.
include the following information at the end of your draft.
1. your topic for the profile( my topic for my profile essay is K-pop band ),
2. what made you decide to address that topic,( when I Listen to their songs and stories it makes me want to live a better life),
3. what area are you proud of( I’m proud of their song, their language and their culture,
4. what areas you need to address in the draft ( or will I help accomplish) Music, their personality, their country, culture and how they have become inspiration for me and other fan who love and support them.


Profile Essay of K-Pop Music
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The modern K-pop is as a result of a decade-long culture which started ages ago. The thing that scales K-pop music to a global level involves the fact that music does not need an understanding of its language. One reason which has made me love K-pop is the fact that music is universal for every individual. This makes k-pop a tool that is used in communicating between different cultures and the language of the place of origin (Kuwahara, 2014). My favorite K-pop music group is BTS. It is one of the biggest music groups in the world. The most interesting thing about this group is based on their unity. The group is also close to their fan base, making them so passionate about the kind of music they do. BTS is an inspiration in my personal life. I have a big collection of their music on my computer. Although I have so much for this group, I have not attended a live concert.

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