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THE YELLOW WALLPAPER. Literature & Language Essay. (Essay Sample)


The paper is a summary of the book 'Charlotte Perkins Gilman's the yellow wall-paper' by Gilman, C., & Golden


The Yellow Wallpaper
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The Yellow Wallpaper
The narrator dealing with postpartum depression moves to a different environment with the family to help her heal and calm down. The old house they lived in is under renovation for a short while. The couple has to figure out a room to sleep in and where to keep the baby. The husband insists on proper sleep and eating well. There is the caregiver who keeps checking on the narrator to ensure she is okay and safe. There is also persistence in ensuring that the narrator takes medication at all the prescribed times. The narrator also receives unconditional love from the husband, which, to her, seems to be abnormal. ‘He is very careful and loving, and hardly lets me stir without special direction.

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