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Real California Cheese (Essay Sample)


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Real California Cheese
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6th October, 2010
Analysis of the ‘Happy Cows' Campaign
An integrated marketing strategy was mandatory to promote the sales of Real California Cheese. The campaign used was the ‘Happy Cows' developed by the California Milk Advisory Board, CMAB. After Deutsch LA advertising agency was hired, its first task was to develop a creative plan to promote California cheese. The first idea was to concentrate much on California itself other than the cheese ( The conceived idea was that California cheese was a better option because it was derived from the contented cows of the state. This agency developed a campaign with the tagline ‘Great Cheese Comes from Happy Cows: Happy Cows Come from California.' This humorous tagline plays a major of convincing the people that a healthy cow will provide healthy milk for producing quality cheese (Kaynak 12). Since California is a state enjoyed for its beautiful features and sceneries, the strategy was successful.
All new ads suggested that California milk was the best and produced by healthy and satisfied cows. All the other advertising campaigns and commercials ended with cows grazing in the beautiful pastures of California and the tagline ‘Great Cheese comes from Happy Cows' accompanied them. It was also necessary to extend this campaign to media including radio, television, and use of a website. After successful television commercials, radio ads were necessary because the people had the idea of the Californian Happy Cows in their minds. The use of website enabled consumers to link to the ‘Happy Cows' campaign and watch all television advertisements and also buy cheese online (Hartline 18). Calendars and desktop wallpapers for Happy Cows were also presented on the website. In 2004, the Happy Cows campaign was used in markets where the Californian cheese had an outstanding presence. After 2004, Real California cheese was distributed to the national level. As well, the promotional and advertising efforts were expanded to increase sales.
From the manner in which the marketing strategy was designed, the consumers were easily persuaded of the quality and sweetness of California milk used to produce Real California Cheese. The design guarantees quality of cheese from satisfied cows (Hartline 33). The tagline hence encourages more and more people to use the product hence increasing sales. Also, the use of various media to advertise the product promoted the Happy Cow strategy for Real California Cheese. The ingenuity behind this strategy has made it successful (
Importance of Real California Cheese Certification Mark
The Real California Cheese certification mark in the implementation of positioning and Integrated Market Concept (IMC) programs played a major role and importance in marketing the product. The first role was to create a compelling and distinct identity which became the focal towards an integrated communication. Due to the wide range of products promoted by the CMAB, it was necessary to create a Real California Cheese seal to act as a certification mark to be used by used by consumers in identifying California's natural cheese. This played a major role in promoting different varieties of Cheese from different markers who met the qualifications for using the seal when packing their cheese (Belch & Michael 26).
The seal created has the beautiful sceneries of California with rolling plains, a rising sun, and cheddar cheese-colored background. This seal assured the consumer that the purchased cheese in naturally Californian (Kaynak 44). Also, the sale was placed on all Real California Cheese (RCC) coupons, table tents and restaurant menus. Therefore, the designing and placement of the RCC certification mark is a very important element of communication that reinforces the marketing message while maximizing the awareness of the consumers (Paley 28). Therefore, I am persuaded that this certification of the Real California Cheese contributed a lot to the marketing of the product to the consumer. It gave it an outstanding identity making it easy to identify, purchase and consume. After 2004, a nationwide strategy was favored by the certification hence improving sales of Real California Cheese.
Role of Real California Cheese: Constrains and Personality
Advertising is a very important tool in marketing. After many years of advertising Real California Cheese, it was necessary to intensify the use of newspapers, outdoor executions and magazines to promote the product. In 1995 there was the need to take a more realistic approach. Later in 2000, a newly hired agency, Deutsch LA, developed a new strategy to promote the marketing of California cheese. Advertising was hence an appropriate strategy in promoting the marketing of Real California Cheese (Gauzente & Ranchord 59).
There are some constrains faced by the advertising agency in the development of a new campaign. Competition was imminent during the time of creating the new advertisement strategy. Also, lack of attention from the customers impacted negatively on the new campaign. It was therefore necessary to come up with a new and creative marketing approach. This saw the need of hiring new advertising agencies to address the constraints (Belch & Michael 65). The newly conceived idea was to focus on the Californian idea rather than on cheese itself. However, this new idea was applicable in the marketing of the product.
According to me, I strongly believe that the personality created here was classic and beneficial. The new concept of increasing media advertising informed many consumers about the product. Also, the uniqueness of Real California Cheese accompanied with a certification mark improved the personality hence promoting the sales of cheese. The adopted tagline for the adverts also worked miracles for the Californian cheese. However, there are several pros and cons from this kind of marketing strategy developed for the Real California Cheese.
The major advantage of the strategy is that it gave the impression that California is home for dairy farming and also offers good climate for milk harvesting. This encourages the buyer to give it a try hence increasing the quantity of sales. The strategy also came with a unique image of California hence securing the trust of the consumers. The certification mark encouraged the consumers that quality products were being delivered (Hartline 34). All these strengths of the new strategy saw increased sales of the product. The major cons of the strategy are monotony, lack of specificity and financial constrains. Right from the beginning, the strategy incurred a lot of expenses, monotony and lack of accuracy. However, these cons did not succeed as compared with the pros of this new advertising strategy for the product.
Role of Consumer Promotion
With the new advertising strategy, there was the need to employ consumer promotions. These inform the consumer of the product's existence. Also, this offered a chance to the consumer to try using the product. The next thing was creation of awareness hence encouraging the consumers to begin using the product. The major strategies used to market the cheese products are promotions, improved public relations in every new market zone, and advertising. While all these strategies played specific roles in marketing the product, advertising played the greatest role here.
Advertising informs the consumers of the product's existence, provides useful information it is recommended, and educates the consumer on how to use it. I therefore believe that the complexity of the advertising process for Real California Cheese playe...
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