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Real Life Problem-Cybercrimes Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


what do you think about current problem today, why does need attention


Real Life Problem-Cybercrimes
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Cyber-crime problems
On the verge of the digital era, the world is under pressure to contain the digital market. Moreover, technology has revolutionized the world, and everyone is pushing the limits to partake in its benefits. Cybercrimes are usually criminal activities that are committed through electronic gadgets such as computers and mobile phones. Typically, criminals access computers by overriding proxies and firewalls to snoop on victim’s information. New technology and new electronic devices are the primary avenues for cybercrimes. There are different types of cybercrime offenses that we have witnessed globally, for example, identity fraud, whereby cybercriminals stole personal information to access banks and other facilities. Secondly, malware is injected into computers to compromise business operations or steal confidential data (Virtanen, 2017).
For example, WannaCry was subjected to malware attacks which were imposed in 2017, and consumer’s information was stolen. The information stolen is used in two ways: to rob people indirectly or seek a ransom. Cybercrime is a meaningful discussion that should be carried in every institution across the world. It is essential to fight and prevent disease than wait for the worst, and cybercrime has become more painful than chronic diseases (Baecker, 2019). People are losing money digitally every day, and identity is left exposed due to these criminal activities. Most people doubt whether their medical records or financial information are in jeopardy; thus, making cybercrime the top discussion is vital. Notably, cybercrime does not target one group of people or organizations; instead, it has spread to every corner of the world. For example, in cyberbullying in school, most learners are exposed to threats every day through social media. It has devastating effects since it has led to some of them leave school while others become oppressed and depressed. Most people are not aware of the impact of technology, such as cybercrime activities, and therefore, there is an urgent need to create awareness. Everyone is supposed to understand the problem because it is a global problem (Baecker, 2019).

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