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Romanticism vs. Realism (Essay Sample)


Comparing romantism and realism


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In the field of art, literature has stood out as one of the most significant means through which a people's culture is expressed, learned and propagated. Throughout the periods of literature, several genres have evolved with each offering us a new way of looking at the world and expressing our interests. Talk of romanticism, realism, Victorianism, modernism, and post-modernism; each of which depicts the same subject in a unique style. Some of these genres have outlived criticism and thus exist even today, while others became extinct, probably due to the technological changes and advancements.
In the Victorian age, social norms and cultural values were highly thought of. Men and women were expected to adhere to certain specific rules and regulations. Women tried to fight for suffrage but were met with a lot of opposition. Later on, the ideas of progression and individualism came along, now social and cultural norms were not highly considered. It is during this shift that modernists came into play. Post-modernism, (this is now the most recent form of literature), came into existence in the 20th century. It deviates from realism by embracing scepticism and sensitivity to ideologies.
We all have a culture we cherish. How else would we have known how to dress, socialize and worship if not through the things taught to us while we grow? This shows us how literature is vital. Two of these genres; romanticism and realism, exist even today. While they both feature the same subject, the portrayal of the same is quite different for each genre (Washington, C. (2015). These differences vary from period of their development, theme, and setting. In order to fully understand how these two genres differ from each other, we need to first look at the cultural factors 

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