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Technologies for police patrol improvement strategies (Essay Sample)


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Technologies for police patrol improvement strategies
Technology has improved tremendously in this century. Computer technology, in particular, has proliferated almost all areas of social life with positive impacts. The police service, however, remains one of the areas that technology adoption has lagged as compared to other sectors of the society. This calls for a critical look at the possibilities to impact the police force positively using technology. In the next sections, the use of decision support systems to improve police patrol strategies will be evaluated to assess their effectiveness for the application.
Literature review
Decision support system
Decision support systems refers to a set of technological tools used to support the decision-making process of organizations. They typically comprise of complex algorithms that process input data to make predictions that can then be used for decision making. In the context of police patrol strategies, the technologies could be used to make predictions of vital policing aspects such as crime rates or the police resources required. The information can then be used to come up with more improved strategies.
Basis for adopting decision support systems

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