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Should college athletes be paid for playing? Language Essay (Essay Sample)


The paper discusses the reasons why college athletes should be paid by colleges for playing.


Should college athletes be paid for playing?
Joash Oyugi
Should College Athletes Be Paid for Playing?
The debate on whether or not the colleges’ students who participate in athletics should be paid has received both support and opposition from both the college and national stakeholders in the US. The focus of this essay is to look discuss the divergent points on whether the college students athletes should be paid or not in order to come to a conclusion.
On one hand, college students should be paid to participate in athletics because the students’ athletes play more roles to their colleges not only in participating in athletics but also in the promotion of certain products. According to Edelman (2017, p.1137), the athletes’ names, images and some of their voices are used to advertise some products making businesses to receive profits. Also, during the game, athletes risk their body as they are exposed to permanent damage, just like other outdoor games (Mills, & Winfree, 2018, p. 214). College sports also require students’ time and efforts, therefore, it could be in order to appreciate the athletes as compensation for their time and efforts.

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