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The Value Of Family And Friends In "The Story Of Honey Boy" (Essay Sample)


Story of honey boy.


Honey Boy
Honey Boy
The story of Honey Boy surrounds the value of family and friends. The storyline is thought-provoking; makes one question the kind of friends they have. Money as often explained by people is the root of all evil. One also wonders what is morally right. Friends could make one's life a success or a failure. Reaching goals and dreams, in life takes a lot of twists and turns. In the story, there are strong reasons as to why one would support Honey Boy's mother, and there are reasons as to why one would disagree with her actions.
To start with, Mrs. Summers like any other mother loves and cares for her child. Mrs. Summers is proud of her own child's growth and achievement she treasures her son's gifts to her. To Mrs. Summers that is a sign of love from her son to her. In the second paragraph, Mrs. Summers receives a radio from her son. She treasures the gift a lot more than anything else she owns. She also loves a particular court given to her by Honey Boy. One would support her actions for protecting her son's reputation and image from public judgment.
Secondly, Big Blue and Honey Boy were best friends. They shared big dreams; they spent most of their times together. In paragraph four the advert in the radio states “… Wanted Dead or Alive …,” Blue had options of bringing Honey to the police station alive, but he decided to kill him. When narrating stories to a crowd Blue portra

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