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The Temporal Self-Regulatory Theory (Essay Sample)


in this assignment, you are required to Briefly describe one of the models/theories of change presented in your text (or) you can find another change model/theory that is mentioned in the literature. How could you use this model to implement a change in you organization? use a minimum of three references.


The Temporal Self-Regulatory Theory
Behavioral change plays a very important role in the success of organizations. It can be achieved through various interventions that can help patients to live a healthier lifestyle. Evidence-based theories support interventions aimed at achieving behavioral change (Moller et al., 2017). One of behavioral change theories mentioned in the literature is the temporal self-regulation theory. According to this model, behavior change is determined by the beliefs of people on how their present behaviors affect future outcomes and the value they derive from their actions (Barley & Lawson, 2016). As stipulated in this theory, people's behavior change is determined by their ability to control themselves when faced with distractions. The model also postulates that a person's response to certain distraction is based on past behaviors, which may be dominant. However, if people have the ability to regulate their responses, it becomes easy for them to achieve behavioral change. The temporal self-regulatory theory considers all the factors that affect behavioral change (Barley & Lawson, 2016). For instance, it puts into account the intentions of a person, irrational processes, the self-regulatory capacity of an individual, and the importance of time and context.

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