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Utopian Reflection (Essay Sample)


1 source used. A reflection paper discussing the Utopia book by Thomas Moore.


Utopian Reflection
Utopia is basically a connotation of Greek word eutopia or happy place. Literally, the term can mean nowhere, and T. Moore uses it in his book with the aim of describing an ideal society. According to his work, the society based on such practices as equality, tolerance as well as reason all of which typified communism in its late stages. As a matter of fact, he felt that if the society based on the three ideas it would be embraced by many. All together, Moore’s Utopia depicts the perfect society as the one that applies reason in religious and political practices.
Moore’s work illustrates that decision should benefit the ideal/Utopian society. This means that value was placed on humans as opposed to possession and financial superiority. War should not be used for capital gains since it puts human life at risk. Utopia is rather kept simple in Moore’s work. He revealed human soul as immortal, and death is followed by a state of rewards or suffering. In addition, Moore depicted religion by insinuating that the world is steered by divine providence (Marius, 1985). Utopians revealed about the mortality of human soul as well as basing religion on people’s virtuous perceptions out of natural intuition. As a matter of fact, the book suggested that individuals should not be compelled to religion through violence. It is worth noting t...
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