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Why Alcohol Excise Duties in Connecticut Should be Increased (Essay Sample)


Assessment Objective: For this Assessment, you will create an academic, formal essay advocating a solution to a problem you have identified in your community or workplace. Using the persuasive, problem-solving thesis statement you developed for the second competency assessment is recommended, but you may develop another if you prefer.
In this essay of approximately 1100 words, you will integrate evidence from at least four credible sources to support the argument for change that you are advocating. In addition to having at least three supporting points for your thesis, you will also need to address a challenge to your argument within the essay, as th ability to do so is a key component of a strong argument.
Furthermore, concrete examples should be included to illustrate points, and logical fallacies be avoided. Essentially, the essay will reflect your ability to write effectively and persuasively and integrate research to support your idea for change.
Some topics that would be relevant would be advocating a change in policy in you workplace, such as paid family leave or a new safety procedure. If you wish to  focus on a community-based problem, you might advocate the need for a recycling program, sidewalks in your neighborhood to increase pedestrian safety, or better flood control measures.
The essay should use a formal, academic style with clear, concise sentences, and effective transitions should be used to ensure cohesiveness. The essay should be formatted in APA style, with a separate title and references page and in-text  citations.


Why Alcohol Excise Duties in Connecticut Should be Increased
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Why Alcohol Excise Duties in Connecticut Should be Increased
Excessive alcohol consumption is a great concern in Connecticut due to its associated adverse effects. Data from the United Health Foundation (2020) reveals that the rate of binge drinking behavior in Connecticut is higher than the national average. Excessive alcohol use leads to an immense loss of productive time since skilled individuals cannot work when intoxicated. Excessive alcohol consumption also leads to many harmful effects, including liver cirrhosis, increased risk for developing chronic illnesses, and increased risk for workplace injuries (Chaloupka et al., 2019). The state of Connecticut also loses about 800 people every year due to alcohol use-related issues/ circumstances (Centers for Disease Control, 2019). The evidence alluded to above shows that there is a dire need to curb excessive alcohol use in the state of Connecticut. The economic and social burdens created by excessive alcohol use cannot be sustained. Consequently, it is necessary for an appropriate policy to be adopted to help deal with the issue. The Connecticut state government should increase excise taxes on alcohol to reduce the harmful use of alcohol, generate more revenues to offset the economic costs of harmful alcohol use and reduce alcohol-related deaths.
The Connecticut State government should increase excise taxes on alcohol to reduce the harmful use of alcohol. The harmful use of alcohol in the state of Connecticut has been rising steadily over the years. There is also a worrying trend where there is an increase in the number of children and young people who engage in binge drinking. Harmful use of alcohol has

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