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To have a more forceful role in society, more women must run for office (Essay Sample)


The task is all about the role of women is society
about the sample: to have more forceful role in society, more women must run for office


To have a more forceful role in society, more women must run for office
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To have a more forceful role in society, more women must run for office
Compare and contrast
Studies have substantiated that once a critical mass of women particularly over one third hold various leadership position within the society, their shared interest as women starts to approach the fore. In contrast, it has been substantiated that having more in leadership does not guarantee that their concerns will be on the societal agenda since gender stereotypes, beliefs, and attitudes continue to limit women’s opportunities to realize their role as active leaders (Rademacher, 2020).
International human-rights conversion and treaties like the third Millennium Development Goal on gender equality, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), and the Beijing Platform for Action understands that women, just like men, have the right to own equal participation opportunities across all aspects and levels of public life including decision making (Rademacher, 2020).

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