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Alcohol Advertisement (Essay Sample)


Identify three problems that arise from alcohol advertising


Problems Arising from Alcohol Advertising

Problems Arising from Alcohol Advertising
Alcohol advertising refers to activities aimed at promoting the knowledge and use of alcohol. The different media used include television, print media and bill boards. The primary goal is to have more people take alcohol and hence promote the sales of the breweries. Majority of the advertisements involve happy people in groups and engaging in social activities while at the same time taking alcohol.
Alcohol advertising is mostly aimed at promoting sales hence the expected outcome is good but sadly there are problems that arise from the advertising. The appeal of the advertisements is usually very captivating and hence entices people to take alcohol. This may encourage adolescents and teenagers to take alcohol promoting underage drinking. With time, may hook them to alcohol and affect their academic and sports performance (Atkin, 2007). Waking up in the morning with a hangover or skipping class in order to take more alcohol is bound to affect their progress. Alcohol may induce a great feeling which wears off with time and in order to attain the same effect, more alcohol is consumed. Driving under the influence of alcohol leads to increase in the number of accidents on the road, teenagers with their thrill for speed and alcohol on top is a deadly combination (Atkin, 2007).
Adults who take alcohol may end up taking more alcohol than they usually do. The advertisements show people who look all healthy and happy. This may lead to more consumption in order to attain the same effect leading to tolerance and dependence. Excessive use of alcohol leads to malnutrition due to loss of appetite (Sherfield, 2004). Decline in the level of personal hygiene and neglect of duties among addicts is a common effect of alcohol. People who were previously good athletes get poor results at their activities. Alcohol is a risk factor for many comorbid conditions such as hypertension, stroke and diabetes which end up shortening the life span (Atkin, 2007).
Alcohol consumption is mostly promoted in social places like night clubs. Excessive drinking is associated with irrational decision making which may lead to people engaging in irresponsible behavior. Having unprotected sex has many consequences among them transmission of sexually transmitted illness and pregnancies. Other people may become broke and in order to finance their drinking they may result to crime such as stealing, drug peddling, extortion and indulgence in prostitution (Sherfield, 2004).
Alcohol advertising is aimed at promoting sales and at times responsible drinking habits. The response of ...
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