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Assignment- Patricia Palinkas (Essay Sample)

I included the text at the bottom of the page and the lecture notes in the uploaded section. The information covered in this week's lecture and reading assignments will help you with the following assignment. Your answers should be concise, complete, and typed in a Microsoft Word document. When you are finished, upload the Word document to be graded using the drop box below. Assignment: Choose a popular sport and research one of sport's first American female athletes. Please select an athlete that was not featured in this week's reading or lecture and include: • Information about the athlete's childhood and early athletic involvement • When and why she became interested in the sport • How she trained for the sport • Her athletic goals (if identified) • Any physical or societal challenges she faced and how she overcame them • Her major athletic accomplishments? Your assignment must: • Include a title page • Include a reference page • Citations from at least two academic sources o Academic sources are peer-reviewed scholarly articles. Academic sources do NOT include encyclopedias, textbooks, Wikipedia, atlases, dictionaries, almanacs, etc. • Be at least four pages in length (not including the cover page and reference page) • Use 12 pt., Times New Roman • Be double-spaced • Use APA formatting • Be submitted in a word document Historical analysis should be supported by facts from sources. Any idea you present must be supported by references from academic sources.[%3Bvnd.vst.idref%3Dc12]!/4 source..
Patricia Palinkas Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Course Professor’s Name Date Childhood and Early Athletic Involvement Patricia Palinkas was born in 1943 and is credited as the first woman to play American football on a professional league basis. The designated league was initially, and at the time, dominated by men across the United States. She held the Orlando panthers in the minor league, a position that her husband initially held. She attended her education status at Northern Illinois University. She did not play her professional or junior football at the stipulated University. Her entry into the football profession resulted from the Orlando panthers team attempting to draw more fans to the club after the enormous financial strain it underwent. The club sought to create high publicity with a female player in the squad. She signed up for the club in 1970 (Jackson & Scales, 2020). Her initial debut for the club was on august 15, 1970, in a match they played against Bridgeport Jets. The fans' attendance for the designated match was approximately twelve thousand. In her first match, PA linker was attacked by Wally Florence, who publicly admitted that it was a punishment directed at her as a threat in the men’s sport. The dominance of men in the sport at the time was extremely high, posing a significant threat to the female gender's involvement in the sport. Pinker participated in four games consecutively with three extra point kicks and a goal attempt. After the injury that her husband sustained, Palinker remained as the holder of the team's holder for kicker spot. Palinkas lost interest in the game soon after the decision was reprimanded, and she was subjected to a suspension shortly after the commencement of the season. Time of Interest in American Football Patricia Palinka was interested in American Football sport in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Her interest in the designated sport was motivated by her husband's spot and position in the Orlando club. Her husband played American football before her, and her interest developed progressively during her life with her husband. She entered the sport primarily because she chose to hold the position that her husband played in the club. The event occurred after the athlete's husband sustained a prolonged injury that threatened his career at the club. She engaged in the sport alongside men as she was substituted to take her husband’s role (Basham, 2018). The absence and injury the husband sustained failed to bring him up to the preseason cut. It was the primary motivation for Palinka's participation in American Football sport. Men's dominance of the sport at the time also motivated her to participate in sporting activities to induce a new societal norm. Palinkas engaged in a unique training style before the matches that she played for the Orlando panthers. The dynamic nature of training that she adopted, guided by her husband, proved essential for her participation and efficiency in the sport. She undertook regular training exercises for the sport within the team's training grounds and adopted extra personal training lessons from the coach. These activities and training sessions increased her resilience and agility within the American football professional league. She engaged in barbell squats to increase the muscular strength and agility that could enable her to maintain a competitive position within the professional league dominated by men. Athletic Goals The athletic goal that Patricia Palinkas exhibited during her time in American football was to increase her participation in the league to motivate other women within society. She aimed to create an image in a society that any young girl could do what other little boys were capable of doing. She opted to eliminate the community stereotype that was highly rampant within society against women in the sport. Palinkas aimed to play in a professional league dominated by men to eliminate the societal stigmatization directed against women within society. She wanted to create an environment where all women could be viewed similarly to men in American Football Sport. She wanted to inspire the younger generation within the United States and across the globe by breaking all the existing barriers within the community. she wanted to break all the existing barriers within the community at the time. Societal Challenges Patricia Palinkas faced many physical challenges during her brief period in professional American Football. One of the scenes in which she faces physical challenges is when Wally Florence attacks her. The physical attempt to break her neck was directed at teaching her a lesson about involvement in a male-dominated sport. The Palinkas experienced diverse societal challenges during her time in the professional American football league(Roberts et al., 2021). At the time, the sport was primarily dominated by men, and any involvement of women in the sport attracted diverse opposition from society. Women were thought to be physically weak and unable to engage in a sport that required muscular muscle mass and strength. Palinkas experienced opposition from other male players and society as a whole, thus creating a solid obstacle to her participation in the sport. She was also subjected to a minimal or low payment compared to other male counterparts within the team. It was one of the signific...
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