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Biostatistics and Epidemiology (Essay Sample)


Explain the value of biostatistics in population health research. Describe the role of epidemiology in researching and addressing population health challenges. How are epidemiology and biostatistics significant to your evidence-based practice proposal?
please review attached document to see my evidence based proposal


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Biostatistics are valuable tools in population research. According to Beric-Stojsic (2021), biostatistics is applied statistics in biology and medical sciences that provide epidemiology, spread, and control of a particular disease in a specific period and space. The tool helps the researchers to seek the best method for distributing resources to treat populations. Beric-Stojsic (2021) suggests that biostatistics in population health studies provides scientific and historical data and results. Biostatistics information will help the healthcare provider to analyze and interpret information concerning a particular disease affecting the community to assist in the decision-making process for intervention. The researchers will use biostatistics data to investigate the relationship between the response between the patient and community 

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