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Cancer epidemiology Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


discussion about chronic diseases


Chronic Diseases.
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Chronic Diseases.
Chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes have become the leading cause of many deaths in the world. According to WHO (2020), diabetes usually occurs when the body cannot use the insulin that it produces or when the pancreases cannot produce the required insulin. According to WHO statistics, 422 million people worldwide have been infected with diabetes, mostly in the middle- and low-income countries. The chances of developing diabetes are dependent on some risks such as age, ethnicity, weight, or family history. The common environmental factors associated with diabetes include the air, stress, water, vitamin D deficiency, and many more.
The increased awareness of the causes and preventive measures of diabetes can help lower the number of new cases of infection. When a person knows that consuming certain food can lead to diabetes, the individual would be more careful about what he/she consumes and avoid other risks involved with diabetes. The knowledge about diabetes reduces complications related to diabetes since people can develop healthy living lifestyles.

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