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Challenges Faced by The Elderly (Essay Sample)


The essay should be about the challenges faced by elderly people and how nurses can address them


Challenges Faced by The Elderly
Student’s Name
Challenges Faced by The Elderly
It is so sad and shamming to see the people living in the streets homeless, and begging are mostly the elderly, yet they are the most vulnerable in the community. The elderly experiences a change in behavior and memory loss. Thus, becoming a liability to society. Therefore, they need more care with plenty of support and attention from their families and nurses. To achieve this, both the elderly and the family cares or nurses should be comfortable and healthy.
I used the six senses model for the elderly by offering them high-quality care that considers all their needs. The model will help both the family caregivers and nurses to deal with and overcome the challenges facing them while providing care to the elderly. They will need a sense of security, and the best place is where they are away from danger and anxiety. (Bratton & Gold, 2017). We can put security cameras to monitor the whole place and increase security for the staff and family. Installing motion sensors inside the elderly’s room will help alert the staff on vital activities such as emergency in such rooms. By doing that, the caregivers and nurses can keep eyes on the patients and making sure that they get effective care.
The elderly, staff, and family care need a sense of purpose. The six senses model would help in engaging the elderly in something useful. I will use it to involve the elderly in exercising their choice to improve their strength and flexibility. On the other hand, the staff should create a goal to achieve and be passionate about it. They should also have a sense of achievement since they had a particular purpose.
The exercise done by the elderly should satisfy the person and see that they are making recognizable progress. To give good health care to the elderly, the staff should also be satisfied with the skills they have learned from their goals. A sense of significance is also key in providing high-quality health care for the elderly. Older people want to feel recognized and given more attention.
The family care efforts should be seen and thanked as they will feel valued when they show care to the elderly to boost their morale; the elderly will also know they are still of great importance. The staff should also know how valuable they are to the elderly with all the supports. Both the elderly, staff, and family

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