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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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Challenges That 'Good Health and Well-Being,' SGD-3 Seeks to Resolve (Essay Sample)


The task and sample provided are about writing an essay on SDG-3, which stands for "Good Health and Well-being," one of the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations. The essay discusses the significance of achieving this goal and its implications for society, highlighting the need for comprehensive policy changes to enhance healthcare access and minimize disease levels. The essay emphasizes the interconnectedness of SDG-3 with other developmental targets such as poverty alleviation, gender equality, and climate change prevention.


Challenges That 'Good Health and Well-Being,' SGD 3 Seeks to Resolve
Better-healthed individuals and Society-wide wellness must be something that we all strive for at our best effort level. SGD-3 or "Good Health And Well-being" goal surfaced back in 2015 following discussions within the United Nations General Assembly's agenda '2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development' (Konarzewska, 2020). Various targets have been delineated concerning an improvement in overall health within society from delivering universal access to high-quality medical care services to reducing mortality rate numbers together with managing various type of illness successfully. The road towards the fulfillment of such targets necessitates implementing comprehensive policy reconfigurations focusing on enhancing healthcare access while minimizing disease levels both chronic and infectious for the wide-ranging population (WHO, 2018). Healthy living and societal well-being are critical components of thriving communities, sound economies, and better societies. Given this universal implication, achieving SDG-3 becomes a crucial stepping stone towards reaching other developmental targets such as poverty alleviation measures, gender equality promotion initiatives & prevention of climate change; it requires continued cooperation between all stakeholders. Challenges related to attaining good health across different age groups remain multifaceted. Providing necessary access to quality healthcare services in accessible ways can undoubtedly be hard when faced with unequal access to resources based on income levels that persist currently. Public health worries ranging from communicable diseases like tuberculosis or HIV/ AIDS further compound existing challenges such as poverty & food insecurity while rapid urbanization alongside climate change-related difficulties pose amplifying threats towards overall health status (Stav et al., 2022). It's crucial that we approach these issues encompassing other SDGs cohesively to ensure universal coverage can be attained and sustained. Ensuring universal good health along with general well-being are two vital aspects upon which sustainable development depends greatly making them both important elements under Goal Three (SDG3). Innovation in terms of Healthcare Information Systems is necessary because of its effectiveness particularly when it comes to tracking, documenting as well appraisal/evaluation effectiveness geared towards ensuring that care services reach everyone in society. Nonetheless, SDG3's overall success requires solving significant challenges facing non-communicable diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer; and communicable ailments including tuberculosis, malaria as well as HIV/AIDS – causing major numbers of fatalities worldwide (Ezzati et al.,2018). Consequently availing targeted prevention measures coupled with viable treatment initiatives is vital under SDG3 which should prioritize strengthening health systems that promote healthy lifestyles. Building capacity via public-private partnerships that 

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