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Elaborating the Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management (Essay Sample)


This task required the student to write an essay evaluating workplace bullying in the nursing profession.
The essay thus touches on what workplace bullying is, how it occurs and from whom, who are the major subjects, the effects of the bullying on the nurses and the quality of care provided to patients, and how to ensure professional standards of practice are followed.
The paper also describes the role of nursing leadership i.e nursing leaders and managers in maintaining a safe and professional working environment.
Additionally, the essay highlights on the best leadership style that would help to adress workplace bullying.


Benchmark-Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management:
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Benchmark-Effective Approaches in Leadership and Management:
Workplace bullying is a global problem that is reported in varying professions. However, studies have demonstrated the severity of bullying in the nursing profession as compared to the other professions. The nursing leadership should find effective ways of dealing with incivilities such as bullying as they deteriorate the quality of care provided to patients; it also compromises the bullied nurses’ personal well-being, which cripples the functioning of the healthcare facility.
Workplace bullying has varying definitions, including horizontal and lateral violence, mobbing, mistreatment, intimidation, and humiliating acts. Research done by Johnson & Benham-Hutchins (2020) shows that nursing personnel are predisposed to bullying by up to three times more than other medical personnel, and female nurses are more vulnerable. A pattern of negative behaviours perpetrated by one staff member against the other negatively affects the recipient’s job satisfaction (Akella, 2020). Bullying affects the psychological, emotional and physical well being of nurses, affecting their productivity.
Constant mistreatment of nurses from their seniors, subordinates, patients and their families, and peers have immediate and lasting consequences on the nurses and the quality of care provided to patients. Bullying impairs nurses’ potential since they feel undervalued and cannot express their ideas and work freely(Johnson & Benham-Hutchins, 2020). Besides, the emotional instability and job dissatisfaction caused by bullying lead to depression and absenteeism, negatively affecting the quality of care provided to patients.
The individual psychosocial effects of bullying, such as increased stress levels, lack of concentration, and frustration, lead to errors that compromise patients’ safety under the affected nurses(Johnson, 2021). In addition, bullying victims tend to avoid their co-workers, which forms a barrier to teamwork which is crucial for effective healthcare delivery. Lack of team work threatens patient safety through practices such as lifting a patient single handedly, handling unfamiliar equipment instead of seeking help, and withholding important information to the next nurse on the needs of a certain patient.

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