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Genetic engineered food Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


It was based on the dangers of genetic engineering.


Genetic Engineering
Genetic engineering is the process whereby scientists alter the genetic makeup of a living organism. This process is performed on plans and animals. There are several reasons for altering the genetic make up of organisms including: to get rid of diseases, to improve production in terms of the number and quality of produce, to get rid of undesirable traits, to shorten the time taken for maturation among others. Genetic engineering when applied correctly is good and beneficial to humans. One of the most important benefit of genetic engineering is food security. As Simkin, A. J. (2019). explains, generic crops have better yields, resistant to common diseases and have a shorter maturation period. All this has led to more food being produced. There are however risks and dangers associated with this technology.
The first and major danger is the health risk. Genetic crops and animals have new genes that are new to the human body once ingested. Some of these new genes are harmful to human health. This is because of the fact that human health most of the gens used in genetic engineering are inorganic. They are prepared in the lab to fit some certain specifications. This is the reason as to why some ‘new’ non communicable diseases such as cancers are on the rise. In a study by Patel, S. G., & Ahnen, D. J. (2018) they found that among the risk factors for colorectal cancer among the young population is genetically engineered food. These diseases are not only debilitating but some of them are also terminal.

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