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Health Care in America (Essay Sample)


The instruction read that the student should write an essay about healthcare in america, which was to be five pages or more. The student requested that i write a six page paper, and references were optional.
the student had forgotten to work on the homework in good time, and by the time they remembered it was one day to the submission deadline, and i was given twenty hours to write the paper.


Health care in America
The issue of reforming the ways through which Americans receive healthcare has been occupying a big part in the political environment for a long time. This has been from the time Theodore Roosevelt was the president, with different American presidents such as Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Harry Truman, and Barack Obama, trying to reform it. However, according to Jones (2014), only Barack Obama made significant progress in the same matter, out of all the presidents that preceded him.
Senator Bernie Sanders is leading most of the Democratic presidential candidates in recommending a healthcare system that will be operated by the national government. There are also other types of great healthcare reforms that are currently being pushed by another group. There also plans to dismantle the Affordable Care Act that was established in 2010 and replace it with their own conceived healthcare restructuring plan.
Healthcare is a complex and repeatedly enigmatic part of a great number of lives in America, and civic view on the issue shows its underlying scruffiness and complexity. There are mixed views and feelings about all healthcare system aspects among Americans, with no firm collective agreement on the proposed reforms.
Data indicate that there is still no open agreement on the side of the public in America about introducing a healthcare system which is fully run by the government. According to the results gotten from survey questions done through different ways to get the public members' views on the matter, the public is defying easy categorization.
The American has always been requested by Gallup to choose what is good for them, between a private health insurance-based healthcare system and a healthcare system run by the government. The results that 40% of the participants chose a government-run system, while 54% of them prefer a private health insurance-based healthcare system. A Quinnipiac poll was done recently found out that generally, Americans were lukewarm on the idea of replacing the current healthcare system with a single-payer system.
In a study done by Kaiser Family Foundation's, the respondents were asked about Medicare for All. This is a national health plan whereby the citizens are insured from a single government health plan. In this study, the results were that 56% of all the respondents found Medicare for All plan to be the best while 38% of all the respondents thought otherwise. The opposing group argues that Medicare for All plan might lead to the closure of private insurance companies.
Another data was gotten from a recent poll done by Monmouth University, which found that 58% of the participants wanted a universal healthcare system in America. 54% of the people that participated in a poll done by CNN in late January and early February supported the idea that the government ought to provide a general healthcare cover program for all Americans. They were okay with some challenges that can come along with the program, such as increased taxes. Another poll done online for RealClear Opinion Research indicated that Medicare for All was supported by 65% of the participants. Medicare for All is the system where all Americans, both the young, adults and the aged get health insurance through a Medicare system owned and run by the government. It was supported by 70% of the people that took part in the Reuters/Ipsos poll, in the year 2019, according to Searles (2016).
All these outcomes emphasize that Americans have a basic inclination towards embracing the idea of an extensive healthcare system run by the government. It could be an expansion of the already existing Medicare program. The support seems to be depending on addressing fundamental worries about the insinuations of a new system for the current private healthcare insurance.
The advocates who have been pushing for health care system reform assume that the system is currently apprehensive with problems and that it will remain indefensible at long last. However, there is no support for such assumptions on the members of the public's opinion data, when they are asked about their healthcare.
With eight in every ten Americans rating their healthcare quality as good or excellent and 69% of Americans being contented by their healthcare insurance, it is clear that most Americans are contented with their current healthcare condition. This, therefore, suggest that there is no individual crisis that can push the members of the public to demand a reform in the healthcare system. The majority say that healthcare costs have been increasing recently, while the other group is satisfied with the total costs of their healthcare.
According to Kesselheim (2016), the increase in healthcare costs has affected its accessibility among Americans. This is evidenced by the fact that 29% of Americans claim to have put off medical treatment due to the increased cost. Among these is a group comprised of 19% of the Americans who say that the suspended situations caused serious effects to them. A portion of 30% of Americans is afraid that they won't be able to carter for medical bills for an accident or a serious sickness. Among these are a 25% population of Americans who are afraid that they might not be able to pay for their normal hospital bills.
When projecting about a certain problematic health-related situation that might come in the future, Americans portray high levels of concern. Around 45% of the Americans show great concerns, stating that there is a problem of being denied health coverage due to a pre-existing health condition. They are worried that a health condition can make them or their family members go without health coverage, and lack of enough money to carter for medical bills. A large portion of America's population, amounting to 61% state that they are concerned about having higher premiums and paying high medical expenses in the coming years. Some think that healthcare might cause insolvency in their future, according to Gallup survey don with West Health.
Generally, most American's healthcare situations are not dire, although most of them have indicated to have dormant concerns related to healthcare in the future. Most Americans are more concerned about what get from the news feeds about general healthcare in America, than they are concerned about their healthcare issues. A huge portion of 55% of the American population has great worries about the obtainability and affordability of healthcare services. This has landed healthcare to the top list of the 15 big-picture problems, according to Gallup. Another Gallup survey indicates that only a small population of Americans, less than a third, are contented with the affordability and accessibility of healthcare. Only 34% of Americans are satisfied with health insurance across America, with the most stated healthcare problems being access and cost.
A small percentage of Americans, about 7%, state healthcare as the most challenging problem that is facing America. 15% of Americans think that healthcare is a state of emergency in the country. There is a perception among Americans that some of the healthcare systems in the United States work better than others. They, therefore, do not discharge the healthcare reform idea but think that it should be extended to play well with the public.
Joe Biden is one of the presidential candidates with great healthcare ideas for America. His Biden care plan transition is likely to be more gradual and less costly in terms of tax increment. Although it might not be able to deliver all the benefits and simplification of the Medicare-for-all, it is more politically pleasant. He is, however, moderating on how extra left-wing than the ACA the idea is. Even though Biden care is not Medicare-for-all, it will be a very great deal, if it will happen at long last. This

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