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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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Time for Dementia (Essay Sample)




Reflective Essay
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This reflective piece is an opportunity for me to review and evaluate my first year as a physiotherapy student and recapitulate the events that have helped me develop personally and professionally through the year. I will evaluate three events which have each helped me develop or further strengthen my communication, health psychology and clinical reasoning which have ultimately helped me increase my understanding of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) values in a step closer to becoming a professional physiotherapist and a lifelong learner. It is through reflection that we can begin to acknowledge the practical knowledge gained through professional practice ADDIN EN.CITE Ziebart2019Reflective Practice in Physical Therapy: A Scoping Review(Ziebart and MacDermid, 2019)Humans*Learning*Physical Therapy Modalities*Physical Therapy Specialty 0031-9023Reflective Practice in Physical Therapy: A Scoping ReviewPhysical therapyPhys Ther1056-10688Ziebart, ChristinaMacDermid, Joy C.eng161341143817201945Oxford University Press16134114383092146710.1093/ptj/pzz04999PubMed(Ziebart & MacDermid, 2019). As a health care professional, self-awareness and the ability to consciously analyze one’s own decision-making processes, drawing on evidence, and then relating these back to your practice is crucial for delivering high quality patient care ADDIN EN.CITE Chartered2019CSP encourages members to engage with statement supporting 'reflective practice'(Physiotherapy, 2019) encourages members to engage with statement supporting 'reflective practice'Chartered Society of Physiotherapy161341313612201946CSP1613413270(Physiotherapy, 2019). Many models are used to aid reflective thinking; I am using Gibbs’s reflective framework to guide reflection of my development. Individual names have been changed, and institutions have not been named, in order to respect the confidentiality of those involved.
Time for Dementia
During my first year as a student of physiotherapy, my one of my notable experiences was my initial interaction of a man, Peter, diagnosed with Alzeimer’s four years go. I learnt that the first sign of the condition was realized when the man’s wife by their gate to be picked up, but instead the man drove off. The first suspicion of the problem was a cognitive disorder but they were shocked when they realized from the diagnosis that that man was suffering from Alzheimer. The wife on realizing this decided that they would walk together through the unfortunate journey. The family had to be brought in to understand the full picture of his ailment because in as much as he would not remember what’s done to him, this may affect him to have an episode that may last for even three days. In his condition, there would be little difference between good and bad. He needed more support that go beyond the children, in as much as they care about Peter. Some of the skills he had learnt were still intact, like drawing. The family decided to perceive Peter’s challenge positively and not to brand him with any labels. To me, this was splendid as this acceptance would make managing his condition to appear easy. This made them work together as a great team.
From the professional point of view, I learnt that one needs to have a proper understanding of what dementia is, in order to adequately give an explanation to the patients and their family members about the condition. One needs to look at the patient as a whole person without being branded with labels. These are skills that I decided to learn as a healthcare professional. Form the wife’s confessions, I also learnt that it is important to make deliberate efforts to make a person suffering from the condition understand you fully. The wife would always ensure that the husband always knows wherever she was at all times, she would play together with him and accompany him to places. I also learnt the impact that my attitude towards such people would create in them. They usually remember how you made them feel. I therefore strive to make such people feel loved and supported during my entire period of practice as a student and a certified physiotherapist. I need to understand how compassion and empathy play a crucial role in to perceive issues from the patient’s perspective, gain understanding of their feelings and be in a position to communicate effectively to them (Kerasidou, 2019). My focus should be to perceive the whole person, not just the physical aspects that need physiotherapy treatment. The experience was exciting and challenging as it gave me an opportunity to gain an understanding of the dementia programs by listening and enquiring from a patient with that condition together with the wife. I gained considerable inspiration from their love to one another and positive energy. I learnt several aspects of taking care of the patients with dementia. I need to look at the person in totality and communicate effectively during the diagnosis and also the treatment period. This is in tandem with my motivation for studying physiotherapy of making a difference in people’s lives and gaining independence. An opportunity to work with diverse groups of people with the condition will also give me more insights and improve the quality of services I provide.
First Semester Practical Classes
Good skills in palpation are crucial for physiotherapy as it gives one an opportunity to feel with the hands and fingers while undertaking a physical examination. The muscles are also properly engaged to be able to correctly palpate. My first opportunity with palpation gave me an opportunity to work and learn on my palpation skills while undertaking studies on human anatomy. I first felt the discipline was overwhelming, but as the term ended, I realized that I was able to make a connection about everything that we learnt. I gained a great insight concerning the muscular functions and bring out the connection between anatomy and other related courses. An example is the use of anatomy in prescribing exercises that strengthen the muscles. I also gained an understanding on how anatomy can be applied in real life in palpation and observation of the patients during diagnosis. Sometimes I would be nervous while palpating or engaging the muscles, but this changed with time making me be able to do much more with the hands which is crucial in palpating for a physiotherapist. It gave me an opportunity to understand the bones, joints and muscles as well as the nervous system, blood vessels and the lymph nodes of the human body. The practical classes conducted gave an opportunity for the applications of the theories learnt and to get in-depth knowledge of how the anatomical structures are related to their functions.
In the ultrasound, practical class I took in the methods for helpful ultrasound, which incorporate checking the state of the skin of the patient, inquire as to whether the patient has any contraindications, position of the patient, getting assent, checking the machine, turning the machine, on the best way to set it to the fitting setting and apply the coupling medium. Having the option to do all these in a class setting has caused me to construct my certainty for attachment. The same applies to massage and thermal therapy classes. I acquired further comprehension on the impacts of warm and cold therapies. I understood that cold treatment is best during the intense phase of irritation and warm treatment is generally utilized in circumstances that may require the delicate tissue to be warmed to ease torment or to expand the flexibility of tissues. I further had the chance to work with our companions to endorse, adjust, progress and relapse practice contingent upon people needs to guarantee practices are protected and compelling. I working on clarifying the physiological changes made to the body because of the activities and legitimize our thinking for endorsing a specific exercise. These have assisted me with building up my clinical thinking and relational abilities. I will consistently keep on extending my insight, experience and expert development with the goal that I can satisfy my job as a physiotherapist in advancing activity for wellbeing.Having the option to apply the hypotheses I've learned in our far off addresses in useful classes and with my accomplice where one of us was a physiotherapist and one was the patient have given me a sample of true insight and assisted me with having the option to work on imparting what I was doing, why I was doing it, tune in to the patient, pose inquiries to comprehend if there are any contraindications that I should know and aware of. Pragmatic classes caused me progress ideas into training which has additionally assisted me with creating and reinforce

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