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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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Health care (Essay Sample)

It involved all about a person\'s health assessment source..
Health Care Name Institutional affiliation Date Introduction Assessment of one’s progress in life is very significant. This implies that we should understand the tools necessary to ensure that we make progress in life. Businesses and organizations also make an assessment of their projects in term of objectives and goals set. The field of medical is no exceptional either as each person has to access their progress. Assessing one area of management makes it possible for an individual to correctly know their progress. The central areas of assessment in healthcare include leadership, knowledge and skill of business, relational and communication management, health environment knowledge and professionalism (Murdaugh, & American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. 37). Looking at the assessment tools and competencies, I have realized that there are some weaknesses that I possess. Some of these weaknesses are that I do not care about understanding business. The fact that am a healthcare practitioner, I find business an aspect that is not necessary in this field a competence that I have to start taking positively. My strengths are communication. I have perfected my ways of communication with people and I believe that I can fit in any race and tribe. There are opportunities that I have identified after assessment. My main opportunity is leadership and. My assessment indicates that I possess the best traits of a leader an aspect that is very promising in my career. There is also a threat that I have identified. This threat is professionalism. My assessment of this competency states that I might lose if I concentrate more on my strength and opportunities. In conclusion, this assessment has helped me realize that I should consider all aspect of my life. This means that I ...
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