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Human Behavior and Behavior Management (Essay Sample)


An over reliance on diagnosing behavioral conduct instead of looking at the causative factors has far-reaching adverse effects on students and is counterproductive. Instead of viewing students as having a challenging behavior, educators should look for new interventions to tackle the behavior. Teachers should consider the ethnicity and cultures of different students because culture plays a vital role in how students interact and behave around their peers and teachers.


Human Behavior and Behavior Management, Identifying a Challenging Classroom Behavior
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Human Behavior and Behavior Management, Identifying a Challenging Classroom Behavior
Schools are places where young people get an education, socialize, learn how to function in society, and grow into responsible citizens. Many things hinder students from getting the full benefits of schooling. These hindrances such as inattention are referend to as impediments to learning. Teenagerhood brings a lot of confusion and changes while growing, and it's normal to experience rebellious behavior at that stage in life. Society tends to have preconceived notions regarding why some students might seem difficult. As educators, we should tackle these hindrances without using unquestioned beliefs to help students effectively.
Differential diagnosis is when a psychiatrist or medical practitioner groups together different behaviors that share similar signs and assigns them a name such as ADHD. Differential diagnosis is ineffective in a classroom because it places the student's blame instead of looking for ways of mitigating the situation. The diagnosis could make the student "become" their behavior giving the student an excuse to continue their behavior. Mental illness has been an excuse for why students have antisocial behaviors instead of educators looking for its causes, which could be school-based. The Rates of ADHD is higher in the US than in other countries such as the UK and France. This is because the US views it as a health condition while the other countries view it as behavior conduct (Maag & Reid, 2006)
A student might always seem to look outside the window, and the teacher will repeatedly try to warn the student from doing that without much success. The student is then labeled as having challenging behavior. This misleading term is then used as an excuse to repeatedly enforce linear interventions because they work on the other students. (Austin & Sciarra, 2016). These linear interventions seldom work on the said student. Teachers view academic and social behaviors differently, a student will not get punished for failing a test, but that same student will get punished for inappropriate behavior. Instead of reinforcing good behavior, the teacher gives attention to social misconduct. This may lead to students intentionally misbehaving to get the teacher's attention.
Context and human interaction play a vital role in reinforcing the student's appropriate behaviors. A student is not expected to jump around in math class, but the student is free to jump in gym class. The teacher should encourage the behavior while in gym class and try explaining that it's better to do it in the gym rather than in class. Cultural and ethnic diversity affects how different students interact and behave. For example, due to their cultural conditioning, some students from minority backgrounds might not want to participate in group work, which might be considered inattent

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