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Role of Nurses in Healthcare System (Essay Sample)


Nurses are a valuable and irreplaceable part of any healthcare ecosystem. Their work requires intelligence, advanced training, compassion, and attentive care. It is safe to say that nurses are the heartbeat of any healthcare system because of their versatility. From giving care to patients to managing client data, nurses make the biggest contribution in healthcare.


Role of Nurses in Healthcare system
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Nurses provide care to patients, hospitals, clinics, and other health care facilities. They work as part of the healthcare team with physicians, specialists, surgeons, technicians, assistants, and many other professionals. Nurses work on the front line of health care, working face to face with patients in this hands-on profession. From being caregivers and managers, the roles of a contemporary nurse are significant.
A workaround issue that impacts nurses in their work setting
Despite having EHR systems, some nurses prefer using paper or handheld notes. This can be attributed to nurses being stuck in that mentality of sensory input or needing motor activity for a task. This casual attitude towards new technology can be linked to a lack of adequate technical know-how or laziness (Hoover, 2017).
Impact of The Workaround Issue
EHR systems improve the quality of patient care by reducing medical errors, generating patient reminders for preventive and follow-up, improves prescription decisions, and prevents adverse drug reactions. When nurses fail to utilize this technology, life-threatening human errors might jeopardize the healthcare system (Hribar et al., 2018).
Change That Occurred
The Institute of Medicine (IOM) saw the need for the evaluation of paper health records and did a study about it. The study highlighted barriers to implementing EHR systems such as lack of funds, security, and lack of trained personnel. They published their results in 1991 which saw the rapid lobbying and consequent implementation of EHR systems countrywide.
Nurses are a valuable and irreplaceable part of any healthcare ecosystem. Their work requires

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