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Evaluating on Why the SBAR is an Effective Form of Communication (Essay Sample)


This task required the completion of a one-page essay describing why the Situation Background assessment Recomendation (SBAR), is an effective form of communication.
The essay thus focuses on the positive aspects of the SBAr communication method including ; its efficient structure, provision of room for expression, which helps in ensuring that everyone gets to provide their opinion, and finally the structure aids in the provision of exhaustive feedback.


Why SBAR is an Effective Form of Communication
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Why SBAR is an Effective Form of Communication
Effective communication between health care professionals is crucial for delivering high-quality, error-free patient care. In the clinical setting, proper communication between health care professionals during patient-handoffs and in situations that require a quick response, such as the emergency departments and Intensive Care Units, is paramount. The SBAR( Situation Background Assessment Recommendation) communication tool is an efficient tool that allows the accurate transfer of information between the giver and recipient.

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