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Infectious Disease Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


the task involved writing on an infectious disease. The sample is about corona virus disease. It's impact on health, ways in which technology have been used to address this problem, how low and high income countries deal with the disease and various recommendations to be made


Infectious Disease
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Infectious Disease
Infectious Disease Out-Break and Impact on Health.
Coronavirus is a recent instance of an infectious disease outbreak. The outbreak happened in Wuhan city in China December 2019. Local doctors suspected it originated from Wuhan seafood and wildlife market. Genetic data suggested it originated from Bats, pangolins being the intermediate host. The handling of contaminated meat of pangolins led to the outbreak since they are mammals. Coronavirus has impacted people's life by leading to a dramatic loss of life. People who are older and having underlying conditions such as diabetes and hypertension have a higher death rate. It has also led to a reduction of hospital visits with patients with other health problems. Coronavirus has led to a rise in mental illness due to its psychological effects.

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