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Informed Consent for Genomics Research (Essay Sample)


Read the following article:
A Computer-Based Education Intervention to Enhance Surrogates’ Informed Consent for Genomics Research
Ethics guidelines now require that individuals give informed consent to participate in research. Existing ethical guidelines do not help us decide how to seek consent and have allowed managerial experimentation to remain unchecked.
Based on your understanding of the topic and the article, answer the following question:
Do you think that alternative forms of community consent should be actively pursued? Why or why not? How would you feel if your medical records were examined and included in research without your consent based on an illness in the past?


Informed Consent for Genomics Research
Student’s Name
Informed Consent for Genomics Research
Other forms of community consent should be pursued actively. Depending on patients for consent may be ineffective as patients especially those in the ICU may be unfit to give consent. Additionally, often decisions are made based on research which such unfit patients had given their consent (Cassell & Young, 2016). Such decisions will be compulsory for the patients once implemented which is unfair to them. Therefore, in order to come up with valid inferences from research, the consent of the community should be pursued.
In addition, there may be an adverse impact on the research being carried out as a result of a delay in consent. Researchers may want to wait until the patients are stable to give their consent but this will affect the research (Luce, 2017). To avoid this, the community members such as their family members should be asked to give their consent.
Additionally, genomics research is very vital as they help in saving many lives. A rejection or delay in consent may lead to lack of crucial data for the research. Genomics research is furthermore complex and entails legal, social and ethical implications (Swetz & Mansel, 2017). It is not possible to prepare patients in ICU to understand the process of giving consent needed in genomics research (Kerckhoffs et al, 2019). As a result, the community members should be involved as they can be well prepared to consent on behalf of their loved ones, in the research.
I would feel upset, humiliated and more so exposed if records of my past medical history were scrutinized and incorporated in research without my knowledge or permission. In addition, releasing records or part of my medical history to the public without my consent would be a violation of my privacy. I believe anything to do with my medical history is my priva

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