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Learned Regarding Nursing Administration,Education or Advanced Practice (Essay Sample)


Research and identify an article on Nursing Administration, another article on Nursing Education, and a third article on the Advanced Practice Nurse (APRN) that focuses on future trends and opportunities facing each area.
For each article summarize what you learned or surprised you regarding nursing administration, education, or advanced practice.


Planning for Future
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Planning for Future
Nursing administration in the healthcare setting is a leadership role assigned to some individuals. Nurse administrators are responsible for strategically managing patients, facilities, and staff by implementing written policies. Nurse administrators are accountable for the essential nursing procedures implementation (Tanioka et al., 2018). The administrative duties of nurse administrators are developing personnel procedures, conducting performance reviews, attending meetings, including others. Nursing administration is essential as it tries to shape the work of nurses in a way that supports caregivers being available for families and patients (Tanioka et al., 2018). This is necessary to help caregivers to develop a relationship with those they provide services for, and most essentially, they can bring their knowledge while giving clinical care.
Nursing education is the formal training and learning in nursing science. Nursing education includes the functions and duties in physical patient care and a combination of various disciplines that both increase the clients’ return to health and help maintain it (Rich & Nugent, 2017). Nurse education comprises the practical and theoretical training given to caregivers to prepare them for their responsibilities as nursing professionals (Rich & Nugent, 2017). This education is provided to nursing students by medical professionals and experienced nurses who experienced or have qualified for educational tasks in nursing schools. The primary purpose of nursing education is to help nurses be prepared to meet patients' needs
Advanced practice nurses are nurses with masters’ degree level training and education in nursing. Nurses working at this level may practice in a generalist or specialist capacity (Fitzgerald et al., 2012). Nurses at this level are prepared with advanced skills, knowledge, the practice scope, and education in nursing. The four major types

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