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Potential Benefits of Participating in a Resistance Training Program (Essay Sample)


The paper mainly required a discussion, and writing about the potential other benefits of participating in a resistance training program that is outside of the normal get stronger, improve muscle mass and appearance reasons. the paper also required a synthesis of the provided articles on health status of sportsmen.,


Resistance Training
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Resistance Training
To attain a healthy life, free from disease and constant illness, it is essential to participate in exercise actively. Resistance training can be primarily defined as body training that involves endurance and is mainly aimed at improving strength in the body. Apart from the muscular and appearance benefits, resistance training has imperatively led to other health benefits in the body. This paper will comprehensively discuss other crucial benefits of resistance training.
Resistance training plays a crucial role in boosting one's mood and feelings. Exercise is a perfect way of relieving stress and depression; during the resistance training period, the body produces the endorphin hormone called the happy hormone (Eskandari et al., 2021). Endorphins are made from the pain, and they help reduce pain and create a good feeling that drives away stress and boosts one's mood. Additionally, resistance training may also improve the sleeping pattern of an individual, and hence it is always a remedy for insomnia patients (Eskandari et al., 2021).
Resistance training is very crucial in the development and strengthening of cardiovascular health. Resistance training helps in marinating blood pressure levels in the body, which is very important in ensuring the stability and health of an individual heart (Eskandari et al., 2021). Resistance training also plays an essential role in ensuring that their proper blood flow in the arteries and veins and improving the ability of blood vessels to accommodate body fluids (Eskandari et al., 2021).
Additionally, resistance training is vital in managing diseases. With chronic diseases such as resistance, activity is essential in maintaining the glucose levels to the requi

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