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Teen Pregnancy Health Promotion Plan (Essay Sample)


Health Promotion Plan
• Choose a specific health concern or health need as the focus of your hypothetical health promotion plan. Then, investigate your chosen concern or need and best practices for health improvement, based on supporting evidence.
• Bullying.
• Teen Pregnancy.
• LGBTQIA + Health.
• Sudden Infant Death (SID).
• Immunizations.
• Tobacco use (include all: vaping e-cigarettes, hookah, chewing tobacco, and smoking) cessation. (MUST address all tobacco products).
• Create a scenario as if this project was being completed face-to-face.
• Identify the chosen population and include demographic data (location, lifestyle, age, race, ethnicity, gender, marital status, income, education, employment).
• Describe in detail the characteristics of your chosen hypothetical individual or group for this activity and how they are relevant to this targeted population.
• Discuss why your chosen population is predisposed to this health concern or health need and why they can benefit from a health promotion educational plan.
• Based on the health concern for your hypothetical individual or group, discuss what you would include in the development of a sociogram. Take into consideration possible social, economic, cultural, genetic, and/or lifestyle behaviors that may have an impact on health as you develop your educational plan in your first assessment. You will take this information into consideration when you develop your educational plan in your fourth assessment.
• Identify their potential learning needs. Collaborate with the individual or group on SMART goals that will be used to evaluate the educational session (Assessment 4).
• Identify the individual or group's current behaviors and outline clear expectations for this educational session and offer suggestions for how the individual or group needs can be met.
• Health promotion goals need to be clear, measurable, and appropriate for this activity. Consider goals that will foster behavior changes and lead to the desired outcomes.
Document Format and Length
Your health promotion plan should be 3-4 pages in length.
Supporting Evidence
Support your health promotion plan with peer-reviewed articles, course study resources, and Healthy People 2030 resources. Cite at least three credible sources published within the past five years, using APA format.
Graded Requirements
The requirements outlined below correspond to the grading criteria in the scoring guide, so be sure to address each point. Read the performance-level descriptions for each criterion to see how your work will be assessed,
• Analyze the health concern that is the focus of your health promotion plan.
• Consider underlying assumptions and points of uncertainty in your analysis.
• Explain why a health concern is important for health promotion within a specific population.
• Examine current population health data.
• Consider the factors that contribute to health, health disparities, and access to services.
• Explain the importance of establishing agreed-upon health goals in collaboration with hypothetical participants.
• Organize content so ideas flow logically with smooth transitions; contains few errors in grammar/punctuation, word choice, and spelling.
• Apply APA formatting to in-text citations and references exhibiting nearly flawless adherence to APA format.
• Write with a specific purpose and audience in mind.
• Adhere to scholarly and disciplinary writing standards and APA formatting requirements.


Teen Pregnancy Health Promotion Plan
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Teen Pregnancy Health Promotion Plan
Teenage pregnancy is a global health issue and a major health burden in the US. The rates have decreased gradually over the years, but the US is still the leading country in teen pregnancies, followed by New Zealand, England, and Wales. The rates in 2018 were 17.4 in 1000 teens, while in 2018, they dropped to 16.7 in 2019 (Williams-Breault, 2020). Teen pregnancy is associated with many consequences such as school dropouts, stress due to parenthood at a young age, early and forced marriages, and birth complications such as obstructed labor due to cephalopelvic disproportions related to underdeveloped pelvis. Teenage mothers take time to adapt to motherhood roles, and it affects their psychological and academic life, demeaning the girls’ value of life. The proposed health promotion in this paper addresses teens pregnancy, with the target population being high school students in liberty high school.
High school students are most exposed to teen pregnancies due to age exposure and high school tendencies of trying out things. In the US, three out of ten teens get pregnant while in high school, and half of the young mothers do not graduate from high school; they end up dropping out (Williams-Breault, 2020). High school students are often between 14 and 19 years, and most of them lack information on sex education despite engaging in sexual activities. Puberty onset causes a surge in hormones that increase sexual drive and attraction to opposite sexes. Most parents are overindulged in careers and thus neglect their children, and poor parenting leads to poor decisions and consequences such as teen pregnancy. Brown (2020) states that lack of personal values and self-respect are also significant contributors to teen pregnancies.
Teen pregnancy is caused by various factors such as poor daughter guidance and parenting, having one parent taking care of the teen, substance abuse, and peer pressure. In addition, inadequate access to services tailored for the teens, engaging in unsafe sex practices, and misinformation or a lack of information on sexual and reproductive health also lead to increased teen pregnancies (Mathewos & Mekuria, 2018). As mentioned earlier, teenagers have high sex drives, and they love experimenting. They are less educated and thus unable to make the right decisions and portray responsible sexual behavior (Healthy People 2020, 2018). Teens often pressure each other to begin irresponsible sexual behavior, and some give in to pressure to show their guts and end up creating trouble in their lives. The factor contributing to teen pregnancy are multifactorial and vary with region. Teen education is a major way of influencing and impacting this global health issue. According to Brown (2020), teens should be well-educated on teen pregnancy and sex education to eliminate the misconceptions around the topic and promote responsible sexual behavior.
Teens are often not exposed to sex education, and this social-cultural phenomenon can affect their concentration and participation in the health promotion program (Goldfarb & Lieberman, 2020). Prior information of the group is thus integral before the actual presentation. The goals of this health promotion plan revolve around correctly perched sex education, portraying responsible sexual behavior, and promoting speaking up among teens. The first goal is to communicate the risk factors, causes, and consequences of teen pregnancy to ensure informed decision-making processes and reduce the prevalence of irresponsible sexual behavior. The second goal is to reinforce understanding through rewards and valuation using the teach-back method. The evaluation method will ensure the teens are informed and help identify weaknesses and rectify them. In addition, it will ensure that these teens are bold enough to stand up for their decisions and teach other students from their neighborhood about sex education.
The goals of the health promotion plan will be jointly made with the students. Participating in the goal-making process is integral. One advantage is that it will ensure that the goals meet the learners’ needs adequately. The participants may also suggest areas of interest that were less known to the facilitator, helping meet their needs more adequately (McComas, Arvai & Besley et al., 2020). It will also ensure the willingness and the participation of the students. When involved in the decision-making process, people often cooperate, giving the teachers an easy time. It also ensures collaborative effort during the event and higher chances of goal achievement. The students will clearly und

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