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Initiative Economic Benefits to Organization (Essay Sample)


Proposing a New Initiative
Research an economic opportunity that might be available within your health care setting that will provide ethical and culturally equitable improvements to the quality of care. Then, write a 3 page proposal for an initiative to take advantage of that opportunity, supported with economic data and an analysis of the prospective benefits.
Note: Each assessment in this course builds upon the work you have completed in previous assessments. Therefore, you must complete the assessments in the order in which they are presented.
Master's-level health care practitioners are charged with the responsibility of constantly scanning the external environment for shifts in the supply of, and demand for, services. Concurrently, leaders must examine their organization's strategic direction and determine whether adjustments must be made to current service offerings, whether equipment updates are needed, whether staffing models should be changed, and whether other decisions must be made. Each decision that is proposed must be evaluated in terms of the organization as a system, alignment with the organization's mission and strategy, available internal resources, potential contract and payer source implications, and the short- and long-term economic effects at both the micro and macro levels.


Assessment 1: Proposing a New Initiative
Economic Initiative
Economic initiative serves a purpose to develop an application for smartphones that monitors hypertension in pregnant women which unveils timely information. Hypertension is one of the top conditions that result in the high rate of complications related to post-partum and readmissions in hospitals (Brousseau, Danilack, Cai, and Matteson, 2017). It has high-cost implications to the healthcare system and it is disturbing to the families of the mothers who have just given birth to new-borns. Researches conducted initially do not link reduced readmission rates of patients with hypertension to prevent post-partum surveillance. This can be mitigated by carrying out appropriate strategies for preventions (Brousseau, Danilack, Cai, & Matteson, 2017).
Hypertension among pregnant women has been, in recent times, become one of the great problems to the nations, both developed and developing ones. Studies have unearthed that hypertension and disorders related to pre-eclampsia threatens the mother's life together with the young one (Kahsay, Gashe, & Ayele, 2018). Hypertension has negative outcomes such as hepatic failure, restriction in foetal growth, maternal deaths and premature births. The rate of complication emanating from pregnancies is 10 percent (Brousseau, Danilack, Cai, & Matteson, 2017)
Initiative Economic Benefits to Organization
Frequent visits to the clinic for pre-eclampsia monitoring are very important for women with hypertension. The increased visit to the healthcare system by expectant mothers has financial implication to the healthcare system. With these costs rising every time has resulted in using the smartphone platform. Development of smartphone application where monitoring is done at the comfort of their homes provides relevant data availability to women. In a severe condition or situation, an alert is created that makes women visit the healthcare facility for further consultation and assessment. The application development aims at:
* Reducing the number of visits to the healthcare facilities by pregnant women with hypertension
* Making it possible for daily assessment through a smartphone for pregnant women
* To better the health and pregnant women’s wellbeing
The application will be installed on pregnant women's phones whose risk of developing pre-eclampsia is higher. The women are also provided with automatic blood pressure machines and urine dipsticks to supplement smartphone monitoring. The reading that is retrieved from the urine dipstick and the blood pressure equipment is then fed into the application. The results that the application shows through triggered questions will show the possibility of developing pre-eclampsia. The application will support many languages used in the United States of America like the ones used by the US Native Speakers, including Mandarin Chinese, English, Vietnamese, and Spanish.
Giving people mandate and control over the resources, increasing their efficiency, and making better decisions is referred to as empowerment (Prata, Tavrow, and Upadhyay, 2017). The patients will be satisfied and have a good experience as they will get information at the touch of the button without having walked over long distances after being involvement with their clinical assessment. The visits to a health facility will be significantly reduced.
Economic factors
The acceptability of the proposed initiative by the stakeholder will be assessed at the pretest survey period. The obstacles that would likely be encountered in the application's development will be noted at the test survey period. The compatibility of the computer system in the health facility with the application will be ensured through testing and refining the outcome. The clinician will monitor the women's blood pressure by use of the computer application in the healthcare facility while the patients are at home.
The pretest phase of the application will see patients answer questionnaires that will provide the user experience and feedback. Through the help of the healthcare economist, guidance on assessing the cost and the saving techniques will be created for the initiative.
Support of Proposed Initiative
The development of hypertension healthcare facilities will enhance the service delivery to the patients. After receiving the pretest survey feedback, the importance of the initiative will be determined.
The application usage in healthcare provision to the pregnant women will promote affordable, patient-oriented, and clinically safe healthcare to the women. The effect of the application on women's anxiety will be assessed to know its effectiveness. The women who will enrol in the initiative will be trained on how to test their urine and monitor blood pressure using the equipment. Video tutorials will be displayed on the application to instruct the patient on what to do in what situation they encounter.
All People should be provided with healthcare services. The initiative will be important in bridging the gap of inequalities in healthcare provision, especially for the women who do not speak English. Inclusion of all languages used will be updated regularly so that it would serve as many pe

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