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Opioid Use Disorder (Essay Sample)


the essay is about the opioid use disorders and its impacts. Continued use of opioid can also result in body dependence, which causes withdrawal symptoms, making it difficult for an individual to stop using them. When the support interferes with normal life, addiction will occur. it also provides the relevant statistics for the use of OPIoid among the population


Opioid Use Disorder
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Opioid Use Disorder
Opioids are substances found in various prescription believed to treat pain and can also be found in some illegal drugs. They are always prescribed to treat pain. Prolonged use of opioids can result in addiction, which may even lead to the worst healthy conditions (Andrilla et al., 2017; Clemans-Cope et al., 2019). Continued use of opioid can also result in body dependence, which causes withdrawal symptoms, making it difficult for an individual to stop using them. When the support interferes with normal life, addiction will occur.
Consequences of Opioid Use Disorder
As earlier mentioned, the continued use of opioid will result in body dependence or addiction. This implies that an individual cannot survive without such drugs. Sometimes, the individuals tend to take more than prescribed, which may cause other adverse impacts such as death (Marino et al., 2019). There have been increased levels of deaths that are associated with opioid use disorder. Also, the increase in the level of crimes is linked with the opioid substance user disorder. Most individuals need capital to purchase the drugs; hence, engaging in criminal activities is the only option that will help them get money.
Prevalence of Opioid Use Disorder
Through the analysis done by Haight et al. (2018), it was indicated that the prevalence of opioid use national was increasing since the year 1999 to 2012. This means that opioid use disorder has become a major healthcare concern. Looking at the hospital discharges, it is clear that the focus should be diverted to the prescription and use of opioid drugs among the patients.
The following is the representation of the prevalence of opioid use disorder in the United States

Prevalence rate















Treatment options for Opioid use Disorder
Most of the medications given to the patients are home take methadone, which is believed to positively impact the addicts of opioids substance use disorder (Leppla & Gross, 2020). Technology has also assisted in offering treatment assistance to the patients. Some of the measures are increasing access to medications, especially those
From the literature view, opioids use within the social environment is still a greater problem within the healthcare industry. The healthcare practitioners need to work hand-in-hand to ensure that they are assisting the patients who are addicts to the use of opioids. The major broad findings are that there is an increasing prevalence of opioid substance use disorder all over the United States. This might be the trend because of less attention that is put towards this particular case. There are no contrivances relating to this topic.
Future Directions
The treatment approach towards substance use disorder remains to be determined whether it is an evidence-based practice or not. I am concerned with the evidence-based practice because it is the only one that will help to offer a quality approach towards the treatment of opioid drugs substance use disorder. Hence, the field should involve in more research to get the possible means that will help increase awareness among the users or establish a monitoring program. The researchers need to answer if the approaches to treatment option

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