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Introduction to Physician Assisted Death (Essay Sample)


The task was to attach a one-page undergraduate sample paper on the subject Health and Medicine using the APA referencing style. This sample paper highlights a brief introduction to physician-assisted death, by raising the recent issues and some pros and cons of t his practice.

Introduction to Physician Assisted Death
Introduction to Physician Assisted Death
In the recent past, there has been a heated debated on the issue of severely ill patients receiving assistance from their physicians to bring to an end the suffering these patients are undergoing by ending their lives. Various countries, have instituted numerous jurisdiction in an effort to prohibit physician-assisted death (PAD) through either judicial applications or specific statutory provisions. Nevertheless, it has been evidenced that in the modern times secret practice of PAD is there (Quill & Battin, 2004). The divisions among the public over the issue of PAD are undeniably deep. For instance, surveys carried out in the United States of America indicate that more over two thirds of the population has given an approval of this practice for those patients that are considered to be terminally ill and undergoing obstinate suffering (Quill & Battin, 2004).
On the basis of the above mentioned controversies, there is therefore a need to discuss the pros as well as the cons of physician-assisted death. To begin with, PAD is the right of a competent, but terminally ill individual to avoid piercing pain and instead embrace what can be referred to as a dignified timely death. Exercising this right occupies a central position as regards to both personal autonomy and bodily integrity as would have been the case with a court's decision to safeguard marriage or even family relationships (Quill & Battin, 2004). On the contrary permitting PAD is a contradiction of most countries' history of laws and as thus adopting the practice will be an act of committed suicide, which is not a fundamental liberty interest under the Due Process Clause (Foley & Henden, 2002). Under palliative care, PAD is taken to incorporate compassionate care and respect to the autonomy of the patient thus making dea...
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