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Is Euthanasia a Form of Mercy Killing or a Crime? (Essay Sample)


the task was to develop a discussion on whether euthanasia is a form of mercy killing or a crime. based on the available literature, the writer had to conduct relevant research and compose an position essay based on the given topic. the essay sought to test the writer's interpretation of the topic, research skills, paper formatting, correct citation, referencing works, formatting an essay in mla style, developing a thesis statement, articulating arguments, adherence to the required word count, time management, and concluding an essay.


Is Euthanasia a Form of Mercy Killing or a Crime?
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Is Euthanasia a Form of Mercy Killing or a Crime?
Euthanasia, also known as assisted suicide, continues to elicit a frenzied debate on the admissibility of the practice within the current legal frameworks. Proponents may argue that euthanasia is acceptable because it relieves the patient from excruciating chronic pain. Conversely, critics oppose the practice by arguing that it robs patients of their right to life. Either way, the admissibility of euthanasia is based on the role and involvement of the patient in the final decision. To this end, euthanasia is a mercy killing therapy, rather than a crime, because it is conducted only when a terminally ill patient consents physicians to end his or her life.

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