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Journal entry Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Addressing a case study to demonstrate nursing role


Assignment 1: Practicum – Journal Entry
Name of Student
Institutional Affiliation
Assignment 1: Practicum – Journal Entry
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The Patient
A male patient at the age of 32 years old administered himself into self-admission for fear of hurting other people. The patient is not from around this town and is taking part in military exercises. The patient learned that his partner, whom he intended to marry has been cheating on him and having sexual relationships with other people behind his back. At a young age, the patient had a history of rage fits that exacerbated other people's hospitalizations. He would often be very violent, thus physically injuring those involved from his aggression. Violence is also associated with mental illness (Varshney et al., 2016). Due to this reason, he felt it was best to seek help before harming more people.
Being a nurse, I was required to provide immediate care for this patient and meet their physical care needs. From running a background medical check, it was proven that the patient does not have any other psychiatric problems and no suicidal thoughts (National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners, 2008). He does not experience hallucinations, nor does he think that people are out to harm him. The client stated that none of his family members have been diagnosed with mental illness conditions before. While growing up, the patient experienced physical and verbal harassment from his step-father. They did not have good personal relations, and this may have affected his upbringing. When he got to his teenage years, the patient started abusing illegal drugs and alcohol to numb his emotional pain. He also used the drugs as a form of relieving stress he got from home.

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