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Effect of Covid-19 on Food and Nutrition. Health, Medicine, Nursing (Essay Sample)


tHE TASK WAS TO write an expository essay on the effect of the coronavirus on food and nutrition.
tHE SAMPLE DISCUSSES THE negative effects OF COVID-19 on food production and supply.


Effect of Covid-19 on Food and Nutrition
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Effect of Covid-19 on Food and Nutrition
The Covid-19 pandemic produced a negative effect on food security and availability. It affected food accessibility to children, the elderly, and the poor. My own family faced significant hardships due to the food shortages and panic that occurred at the beginning of the pandemic. Hence, the Covid-19 pandemic has already severely affected food production and supply, limiting the access to food for the population; yet, the continuation of the pandemic may provoke a notable food shortage in the long-term perspective.
The worldwide lockdown and policy of social distancing disrupted the processes of food production and supply, depriving people of a large variety of foods. According to Corkery and Yaffe-Bellany (2020), the US food industry experiences decline because the work of plants, warehouses, and grocery stores is impaired by the quarantine. 

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