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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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Learnign strategies used in healthcare. Teaching Strategies Used in Healthcare Field for Medical Field (Essay Sample)


Write one page 275 words per page. double spaced.
reference; five sources
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us English.


Teaching Strategies Used in Healthcare Field for Medical Field
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Formative Assessment in classroom is the best teaching method used in the medical field. This aids the tutor to be flexible on how to write and change lesson plans and thus he or she can get the feedback from learners. The two main forms of valuations are formative which is used to set goals, evaluating student understanding by students and assessing teacher’s teaching capacity. (Muijs & Reynolds, 2017). The second one is summative which is concerned with the end of the topic studied. Assessments help teachers to surveille all students ranging from interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence. Students who ask questions and the ones who get quiet can be identified thus making lecturers to evaluate the learners. 

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