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Medication Errors In Canada, Their Causes And Also How To Reduce Them (Essay Sample)


The task was to write an essay about medication errors that have occurred in Canada and their causes and also how to reduce them.


Nursing Assignment
Administering and prescribing restricted medication is a delicate issue. While the right medications improves an individual's mental, physical, emotional and well-being, drugs that are powerful can pose some serious danger to the patient (Wung, 2013). When a health care provider administers too little or too much or even administers the wrong medication, the effects are devastating. In this research, we shall take a look at a serious medication error that happened in Canada, what effects the error had, how can the state do to prevent these mistakes and also how the health care providers can do to prevent the errors from happening again, but if they to occur again, what will the care provider do differently to respond to it.
This medical error case involved a four-year-old from Saskatchewan in Canada where a pharmacist administered a wrong dose instead of one Adam's doctor prescribed to him. The doctor had prescribed a 0.3 ml liquid dose to treat the boy's ADHD, the pharmacist administered a 3 ml dose. 30 minutes after the boy was given the first dosage, he started to act like a slobbering drunk where he couldn't even stand up as he was drooling to a point where he had to be carried because he couldn't walk on his own (Lesar, 2017). The overdose went unnoticed for months until the boy's parents decided to report the son's reaction to the family doctor and also got a second opinion at a local clinic. But eventually the overdose was discovered after a second visit to the doctor and was immediately corrected. But to make sure that there was no permanent damage to the boy's liver and kidney, he will have to be checked by a doctor over a period of five years (Tam, 2017).
The factor that led to this error is a dispensing error the wrong dose was administered to the wrong patient by the pharmacist as the doctor had prescribed the correct dose to the boy. Medication errors can cause severe physical injury or even death at times, to the patients, these preventable mistakes can also severe psychological, emotional, and financial stress to the family and loved ones as well as the health care providers and the entire health system as a whole (Wolf, 2010). In this case, it caused Adam a lot of pain to the point where he was not able to walk and even could have led to a new condition by damaging his kidney or his liver. Also, to the boy's family, it caused them a lot of stress trying to figure out Adam's new condition they even had to carry him given that he walked on his own before.
The pharmacist who inadvertently gave Adam the wrong dose suffered from guilt, shame and self-doubt in a condition known as the “the second victim” where its effects can be life threatening as some health care providers can even commit suicide (Senders, 2014). And the fact that Adam's family pursued person injury lawsuit against the pharmacist for negligence, it will affect his career advancement and also revoking of his silence. The health care system will spend a lot of money investigating and modifying policies trying to ensure that such errors does happen again. Cumulative errors affect the reputation and the re-accreditation of the entire health system in Canada.
There is no mandatory medical errors disclosure to a public body and also no national relevant system to monitor how an error like this happens which makes it difficult for the regulatory bodies to take action on care providers who commits medical errors. This is one of the political factors that influence medication errors (Kaushal, 2011). Others factors that contributed to this medication error is the decreasing sense of commitment, inadequate attention to details because the pharmacist ought to have noticed the error in the first place. Other factors could have been tiredness, confusion and stress from the care provider. Some economic factors that led to the error include; lack of skilled and competent health care providers, crowded pharmacy and long work days clearly influenced this error (Aspen, 2016). The state should ensure that health care providers employed by the government are highly competent for the job. This is the first step to preventing much more serious medical errors from happening in the future.
The hospital's response was systemic as it involved examining Adam to make sure that the error hadn't cause any damage to his organs. It also involv

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