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Minority in Nursing (Essay Sample)


The instructions of this paper required one to research on minority in nursing. This sample paper details on history of minority nurse leaders, contributions of minority nurse leaders, and contributions of minority nurse leaders in defining nursing.

Minority in Nursing
1 Introduction
2 History of minority nurse leaders
3 Contributions of minority nurse leaders
4 Contributions of minority nurse leaders in defining nursing
5 Conclusion
Most of the historic writings are influenced by individuals’ backgrounds. Since majority of historic writers come from educated families, their writings is mostly about powerful members of the society. Unfortunately, information get inherited; the passage of information from one generation to another leads to alteration of historic views.
History of minority nurse leaders
Many nursing authors have involved themselves in writing about what takes place in the field of nursing. Given that women make up the largest percentage of the nurses in the world, and most of the past nurse historians comprised of women; most of the historic writings on nursing pay attention to women. Historic writings about nursing disregard men despite their domination in the past (O’Lynn and Tranbarger, 2006). This is evidenced by how gender balance in nursing was regarded in the past than today. It is also portrayed by demeaning work conditions for male nurses. For example, most male nurses are regarded as attendants or soldiers. Some health centers also employed male nurses as assistants. Additionally, the preference of female nurses to male nurses in the past by religious churches led to many women joining religious orders with the objective of becoming nurses (O’Lynn and Tranbarger, 2006).
Contributions of minority nurse leaders
Although female nurses were considered more than male nurses in the past, it is evident that men contributed immensely towards nursing. Male nurses not only took part in the construction of hospitals, but also served as administrators in them. They also took part in establishing religious organizations for women. Additionally, men attended to the sick and the injured individuals in the crusades that used to take place in the past. In the military orders, men were also preferred to women in carrying out nursing roles.
Contributions of minority nurse leaders in defining nursing
The joining of male job seekers into nursing has led to current people perceiving nursing as a rewarding job. To diversify nursing as a non-discriminatory profession, the minority nurse leaders have come up with some programs such as "Minority Nursing Scholarship”. Such programs aid significantly in attracting men into nursing profession. Additionally, minority nurse leaders are very effective in carrying out their leadership roles. In their act of keeping track on what takes place between nurses and patients, they succeed in advancing nursing as a caring profession (Bosher and Pharris, 2009). It is also evident that minority nurse leaders are non-discriminative in carrying out their roles; male nurses have been found to attend to both genders of patients without difficulty. Their acts play cruc...
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