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MODELS OF HEALTH BEHAVIOR Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


Explaining models of health behavior using a case study


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Models of Health Behavior
The case study involves Hannah, a divorced 35-year woman with four children. She lives with her aged mother and works in a bakery full-time. Hannah suffers from Diabetes and Bulimia nervosa. Her stressful job makes her opt for sedatives, and this affects her bulimia nervosa. She tried committing suicide when she was young and makes psychologist visitations monthly. Furthermore, she is overweight but does not exercise, as she is depressed.
Definitions of Medical Health and Illness
There are several definitions of health and models, depending on illnesses. Therefore, based on where research has started, the Oxford dictionary defines health as a condition of being free from illnesses or injuries (Dictionary 2012). However, this definition misses the holistic approach to health since it does not consider the social, physical, and mental considerations put up by WHO in 1948 that, 'health is a condition of total mental, social and mental wellbeing and not merely the absence of illness or infirmity' (Misselbrook 2014). According to Shilton et al (2014), health is supposed to be perceived by the holder; in their view and understanding, illness defines health. On the other hand, people's capabilities vary depending on what they need to do (Braveman et al., 2011). Therefore, a standard basis for defining health is hard to be established.

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