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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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Nurses’ Participation and Leadership in the Global Health Effort (Essay Sample)


I was required to Answer THE FOLLOWING questions ABOUT global health and cultural competency.
A. How can nurses participate and be leaders in the global health effort? If you have participated in the past or will be participating, please feel free to share your personal experience.
B. How does the environment impact global health? Explain.
C.Describe a public health service or global health agency that impacts cultural and global health concerns.
D. How does inequality and social justice impact health consequences for populations?
2. Cultural Competency
A. How do values influence attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors related to health and illness? Have you seen this in your personal practice?
B. Why should community/public health nurses be concerned with being culturally competent?


Global Health and Cultural Competence
Student’s Name
Global Health and Cultural Competence
An increase in cultural diversity over the past years due to globalization has significantly affected nursing practice. Nurses are confronted with different ways of thinking and acting towards health and diseases (Kaihlanen, 2019). The incorporation of cultural competence in nursing practice will significantly contribute to enhanced patient care and global health.
1. Global Health
A. Nurses’ Participation and Leadership in the Global Health Effort
The healthcare system relies on nurses to provide high quality patient care. Nurses can improve global health by using their leadership capacity to improve the health of individual patients and that of the entire population. They can also participate in creating new paths for the delivery of enhanced patient care through patient advocacy and clinical research (Wakefield, 2018). Therefore, nurse leaders strive to promote a healthy community by working with patients, communities, and other healthcare practitioners. B. Impact of Environment on Global Health
The environment causes diseases that lower the global population’s quality of life. According to Gibson (2018), outdoor air pollution, physical inactivity, lead exposure, indoor air pollution, and occupational carcinogens lead to disabilities, chronic illnesses, and premature deaths. Other environmental stressors, such as electronic waste and carbon emission, adversely affect the health of individuals by weakening the body’s immunity. A preventive strategy, such as global health awareness creation on environmental diseases, effectively mitigates environmental health hazards. C. Global Health Agency
The World Health Organization (WHO) is a global health agency that plays a crucial role in governing health by establishing, monitoring, and implementing international standards and norms. WHO notes that vulnerable and marginalized populations may lack the opportunity to participate in wellbeing studies and initiatives due to cultural barriers (Napier et al., 2017). Therefore, WHO implements global health policies that acknowledge cultural diversity and encourage cultural inclusion.
D. Impact of Inequality and Social Justice on Health Consequences for Populations
Global inequality and social justice issues undermine the health of vulnerable populations. According to Napier et al. (2017), complex and interrelated societal factors such as armed conflict, political oppression, hunger, individual greed, and resource depletion lead to health inequalities that are unjust, unnecessary, and avoidable. The marginalized and vulnerable groups, such as the uninsured, homeless, and ethnic minority groups are at a higher risk of contracting infectious and noninfectious diseases than other population groups (Napier et al., 2017). Thus, these population groups lack access to quality care, which increases their morbidity and mortality rates.
2. Cultural Competency
A. The Influence of values on Attitudes, Beliefs, and Behaviors related to Health and Illness
Work and personal values shape people’s attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, consequently affecting their health outcomes. Values such as altruism, integrity, human dignity, and honesty cultivate empathy, trust, and optimism that encourage care and compassion for the sick (Dayer-Berenson, 2014). However, healthcare practitioners’ dishonesty and disregard for patients’ autonomy may cause mistrust resulting in the withholding vital information or refusal to take prescribed medication. B. The Importance of Cultural Competence for Community/Public Health Nurses
Community and public health nurses must demonstrate cultural competence to meet unique and diverse patient needs. According to Kaih

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