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nutritional recommendations (Essay Sample)

Summary of the development and influence of farm and corporate food lobbies on governmental nutritional recommendations. source..
Summary of the development and influence of farm and corporate food lobbies on governmental nutritional recommendations. Both farm and corporate lobbies are formed to influence the legislators into making decisions whose outcome favors the lobbyists. They employ methods such as lobbying members of the Congress and federal officials by offering lumpsum contributions to their campaigns. They also spend money on advertising to reach the officials and their constituents. Once in power, most of these legislators feel obligated to support the agenda of the companies that supported them. However, the firms must continually advertise their products to gain public support of their products ("Lobbying and Advertising", 2017). The nutritional recommendations are made by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) the leaders of all food, nutrition, agriculture, rural development, and natural resources. They base their decisions and recommendations on public policy, proven scientific discoveries, and effective management (Nestle, n.d.). The public officials aided through campaign financing are responsible for making the public policy which in turn will support the interest of the farm and corporate food lobbies that funded the officials. When considering effective management, the USDA must review the benefits that the members these lobbyists represent have in the country. Food and agriculture firms produce a lot of tax and act as a source of employment to many citizens across America. Therefore, taking action that distorts the firms will cause a ripple effect that will affect many citizens and workers (Dwyer, J. T., 2001). An example depicting the influence of the lobbyists is the issue of meat consumption. Scientific studies prove ...
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