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Epidemiology: A Quality Assessment Tool For Quantitative Researches (Essay Sample)


This essay is based on the following article
Neumark-Sztainer, D. R., Friend, S. E., Flattum, C. F., Hannan, P. J., Story, M. T., Bauer, K. W., ... & Petrich, C. A. (2010). New moves—preventing weight-related problems in adolescent girls: a group-randomized study. American journal of preventive medicine, 39(5), 421-432.


Please complete these the questions presented as structured paragraphs as you would in an essay. Clearly mark your selection or cross-out the choice not applicable. Do not use highlighting or colour change as this is not recognised in Turnitin. Demonstrate your knowledge of epidemiological principles within each section and support your statements.
Part 1: (Initially undertaken on your own)
Show the structured PICO question of the study
P: Adolescent girls from intervention and control high schools
I: New move curriculum in the physical education class, motivational teaching, and nutritional lunch bunches
C: Orthodox physical education classes
O: Decrease of sedentary activities, change in eating patterns and improvements in body image
T: Nine months for making a comparison between control girls and intervention girls
Henceforth, the PICO question of the study is:
“In adolescent girls from intervention and control high schools, what is the effect of new move curriculum, motivational teaching and nutritional lunch bunches on decreasing sedentary activities, improving eating patterns and body image within a nine-month trial?”
(Q1) Are the individuals selected to participate in the study likely to be representative of the target population?
1 1. Very likely ✔
2 2. Somewhat likely
3 3.Not likely
4 4. Can't tell
The selected participants can be considered as the representative of adolescent girls that generally suffer from obesity issue and other weight-related problems. Existing research shows that girls from different ethnic backgrounds and low Socio-Economic Status (SES) are vulnerable to weight-related problems. Besides this, a low level of obesity has been observed in the case of girls with high SES. Henceforth socioeconomic differences can be considered as a major parameter for identifying weight-related problems of adolescent girls (Neumark-Sztainer & Story, 2009). As this research was conducted on the students of suburban areas, henceforth it can be said that the diverse nature of students was important for the evaluation process. In that respect, it is important to say that the selected girls from those areas truly represented the appropriate population that suffers from the issue of weight. Nevertheless, the distinctive approach can also be taken by focusing on the types of girls selected for this study. It was observed that girls with high SES have not been selected on a massive scale for this research. Therefore, the possibilities of suffering from weight-related issues have not been interpreted yet. Standing on this viewpoint, it can be said that this research represents adolescent girls of suburban areas rather than girls of high SES background. Although a thorough study to change the sedentary habits has properly represented a niche population.

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