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Patient Information Data as a Public Good Medicine Essay (Essay Sample)


We have a group final project and has been divided among us.
We already have our problem statement for this assignment. Please read the problem statement attached and tailor your writing towards it.
Topic : Patient Information Data as a Public Good: Privacy and Security
As part of the group, I have chosen to cover the below:
1. Introduction
2. Health Information Privacy Regulations
3. Threats to Information Privacy
• OrganizationalThreat
• Systemic Threats


Patient Information Data as a Public Good: Privacy and Security
Student's Name
Instructor's Name
Patient Information Data as a Public Good: Privacy and Security
The security and privacy of healthcare information is an overlooked component of patient care. Healthcare practitioners spend most of their time investigating potential patient privacy violations or assessing healthcare information's access requests rather than educating people regarding health information's safety and privacy. Additionally, health information security professionals focus on intrusion detection, controls, risk evaluations, and security administration. People are the weakest link in health information security chains due to lack of awareness and training on patient information security threats. Any healthcare data's consideration as a public good raises security and safety questions. Maintaining information confidentiality is fundamental to patients' health security. Privacy public perceptions of healthcare records relate directly to the public's trust in the overall healthcare industry and play a critical role in information sharing discussions. Patient data management has many challenges ranging from what happens post-initial data intake to aggregation and secondary utilization of such information. The sharing of healthcare information provides insights into patients outcomes and care delivery procedures. The tension between sharing benefits of patient information and the security implications of such processes continue to impede patient care improvement. Addressing healthcare information privacy and security issues improve the delivery of patient care.

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